Studio 4A is an architecture and design firm focused on quality design. Founded in 2006, Studio 4A has a varied portfolio & projects of different scale. Its presently headed by Vijay Narayanan & Appachu Nanjappa.

Our view of space being the primary generator of architectural form propels us to view material and construction technology in this light – that which makes the creation of meaningful spaces possible. We seek to employ different kinds of structures and construction materials in order to reinforce and present our spatial systems.

Our regard for the building’s function incites us to strive and unravel each client’s aspirations and address the needs of every building in its proper context. This enables us to devise an appropriate response, specific to each user, building and site.

Our practice is technology driven. This is due to our understanding that technology sets the boundaries on what is feasible. In the conception and execution of the design and for the design process itself the latest in technology is constantly engaged and harnessed to push the limits on what is possible.