Located in Bangalore, in a gated community, this unique site has green spaces and views on 3 sides. The idea was to build a home for a family of 3 with generous guest quarters.

Designed as an intimate and private family home, the house is stacked across four levels, seamlessly integrating semi open spaces with the natural surroundings.

The main access to the house is at the mid-level and along the setback with a strip of dense foliage. At the entry one gets partial views of the kitchen and dining, but the house reveals itself as one walks through it, experiencing the volumes and its spatial relationship. 
The flooring at the dining area has Jaisalmer handcrafted into a delicate pattern. A glass top dining table allows views of the pattern below. The light installation in the double height dining space, inspired by the petals in the patterned floor, has been designed by an artist specifically for the space emphasizing the individually handcrafted designed elements.

The living has expansive views towards the south and west allowing maximum scenery and natural light yet screening the west sun. A metal lattice screen that runs on the south and west facade filters the glare, reduces the heat and allows privacy to the occupants of the house, while framing the views to the outside. The sliding french windows of the living room opens outside to the verandah to expand the space further.

The transition spaces have no view to the outside, hence the focus is shifted to experience the materials and textures utilised here. The living spaces are located such that there is privacy from the road yet it lets the space have unhindered views. 

The terrace was designed as a spot to lounge, with a small garden, a swimming pool and a home office.

The functional spaces such as the garage and the utility have been strategically located and tucked away to elevate the experience of the living areas. 

In order to enable the family to experience and enjoy the outdoors at different times of the day, an attempt to create various semi open and open spaces in the form of balconies, verandahs and terraces has been made. 

Photography: Suleiman Merchant

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